The News announced that the Marlboro man passes away.

The news sadly announced that the latest Marlboro Man passes away and as I heard this news it made me reflect back on some of my personal experiences with tobacco cigarettes. I have personally lost a parent to smoking and know firsthand what this disease does. If you are a smoker, then I urge you to stop smoking using any means available on the open market and the best stop smoking aide is the Smokeless Cigarette and E-liquids. The Smokeless Cigarette gives you the ability to get your nicotine fix allowing you to slowly get off tobacco cigarettes, while giving the fixation of dealing with your habitual need of having something in your hands. Most people when they first start with an electronic cigarette will still smoke a couple of cigarettes if needed to satisfy their craving for cigarettes until they get acclimated to the E Smoke Vapor Cigarette. There is a difference in the way an electronic cigarette hits and delivers compared to a real cigarette and you may have to try different models to get the one that works best for you, but do not give up on quitting if you get the wrong electronic cigarette the first time and was not successful. There are a lot of electronic cigarettes manufactures out there and several popular selling brands that most people do not like once they have acquired them for the performance is just not there. If you purchase a Joyetech or Joye Ego line of electronic cigarette that gives you a versatile hit by allowing you to adjust the vaping experience, then you will most likely find this is where the successful vapers started.

 Does the electronic cigarette work? Yes, it definitely works; for millions of ex-smokers have quit by using a smokeless cigarette and nicotine liquids. Most smokers try the gums, the patches, and the crazy pills called Chantix before trying the E smoke vapor cigarette, because the media has them believing this is bad for you. But, E-cigarettes are the safest and quickest way to stop smoking for it gives you the nicotine your body requires while delivering this nicotine in a mechanism that is safer for you and the environment. Are electronic cigarettes dangerous? Yes, if you purchase the cheap junk that does not have the safety features of the premium upper line of electronic cigarettes.  In any sport, if you want to be successful and every great athlete knows that you are only as good as your equipment. Then when it comes to your life, why would you think any different and buy the cheap junk and think you are going to be successful at quitting smoking for it kills millions every year.


Is there a difference in smoking and vaping? Sure there is for they are different mechanisms and they are not even close at delivering the same experience. A tobacco cigarette is burning paper and tobacco which delivers smoke, tar, and 600 hundred other not needed chemicals into your lungs along with the nicotine. Electronic cigarettes do not have the smoke, ash, tar, nor any of the other 600 hundred not needed chemicals going into your lungs. Electronic cigarettes have a combination of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavoring, and nicotine without the ash, possibility of fire, nor bad breath from smoking and is so much better for your health than tobacco cigarettes. If you want to be a non-smoker, then buy only premium electronic cigarettes and especially buy only premium e-liquids. If you need more information on how to quit smoking, then check out Absolute Vapors and put yourself on the road to a healthier you before it is too late. 

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What are the signs that you are getting bad E liquids?

If you are buying your eliquids from a reputable manufacture from the United States that actually makes their own e juice and not purchase it from China under the disguise that it is E liquids made in the USA, then good for you. The majority of United States eliquid Manufactures actually do not make e liquids to bypass the Chinese in price, because they realize that the Chinese use lower grade ingredients to produce their ecig liquids and unless you want to stoop to their level and use second and third tier suppliers, then you cannot compete with the Chinese when it comes to price for e-liquids. The lure of most USA retailers to the Chinese eliquids is the price, but even that is deceiving for you have to pay a hefty shipping cost, custom fee’s to get it in the US and Broker fees to do the paperwork for customs. So, in reality the price for the lower grade ingredients from China ends up being almost as expensive as the premium e liquids manufactured in the USA. The FDA will be passing regulations on e liquids and this will drive the cost of imported e liquids up to where United States manufactures can compete with imported e-cigarette liquid manufactures.

How do you know IF you are getting good e liquids? Premium e liquids are usually produced under strict guidelines for manufactures realize that the FDA will be implementing regulations pertaining to the manufacture of e liquids and manufactures are preparing to meet those specifications. Usually when you see the words premium eliquids, organic, and natural in front of their e-liquids, then the manufacture is from the United States and they want to distinguish themselves from imported e-liquids. Leading manufactures use only quality products that are Pharmaceutical and Kosher grade to ensure they are the purest ingredients for food consumption. If the products used in e smoke liquids are not of the purest ingredients and designed for food consumption, then the eliquid is of ingredients that are not approved and should not be used in electronic cigarette e liquids. Be careful of retailers stating their e liquids are RoHS and CE compliance for you will see those symbols at Absolute Vapors also, but that is pertaining to the electronic cigarettes and components and not the e liquids. RoHS and CE are industry standards on electronic cigarettes more specifically meaning that the e-cigarettes were not manufactured with PBB (polybrominated diphenyl) and PBDE (polybrominated dephenyl ether).

What does it mean when you cough or have a sore throat after vaping? Some people actually have allergies to the Polyglycol and the easiest way to tell is vape an e liquid that has a higher concentration of vegetable glycerin or pure VG to see if you get a sore throat or a persistent cough. If the cough goes away, then you know you have an allergy to polyglycol. However, if the cough still persist, then it is more likely due to the origin of the manufacture and what level of chemicals they are using in their e liquids. Imported eliquids have chemicals in them that are unnecessary and will cause your throat to be sore and/or you could have a persistent cough. Are these additional chemicals necessary and do they provide a flavor benefit….no, so why are they in the eliquids. Another reason you could have a persistent cough is from too much flavoring. Too much flavoring will cause you to cough and there is a fine line between the right amount of flavoring and too much.
If you want to buy the best e liquid, then buy premium e liquids from manufactures who produce their own eliquids under the most stringent manufacturing procedures using only natural, organic, and pharmaceutical and kosher grade ingredients. After all it is your health for most retailers are only worried about selling cheap e liquid since they import or they would produce their own.

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According to one Research of Electronic Cigarettes Compared with Tobacco Cigarettes

To date there is not enough medical research on nicotine to offer conclusive evidence that it misbehaves for your body and heart. Physicians and the medical arena are equally divided on whether or not nicotine misbehaves for the body and because there have not been any comprehensive research on nicotine as a drug without additional chemicals being present, then there is inadequate data to offer any indications of the danger or perks of using nicotine. Research is under way in checking out Ecig liquid at the Onassis Cardiac Center in Greece and how e juice has an effect on the body. Out of the 20 cigarette smokers who smoked one cigarette, all specimens showed a rise in blood pressure and a loss in pulmonary efficiency, nonetheless out of the 24 smokeless cigarette individuals they showed only a slight rise in blood pressure, however no loss in pulmonary functions.

Nicotine E juice is a Natural Substance in the Nightshade family

Nicotine is a very controversial material and there is unfamiliarity about the influences nicotine has on a specific as far as public understanding and tested medical researches solely on the substance display. Nicotine is an alkaloid discovered in the Solanaceae or Nightshade family of plants typically called the potato family, which serves as a nicotinic acetytcholine agonist and inhibitor. Solanaceae are a family of flowering plants made use of by humans, and are important sources of meals, spices, and medicine. Research has actually shown that nicotine rises the flow of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain, creating enjoyable feelings and a craving to keep in the circulatory system levels of nicotine that will preserve these sensations. Nicotine liquid is normally associated with the tobacco plant in the nightshade family and it is hardly ever known that potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, chili pepper, and bell peppers are from the exact same family and consist of some levels of nicotine. Nicotine is considered by the many populated as being a tobacco material. Nonetheless, nicotine liquid is a natural substance found in more plants besides tobacco, so it is not just a tobacco item. There are over four thousand items in a traditional cigarette and there have been just a couple of researches of how nicotine alone affects the body and especially the heart. For more information on e liquid and how to stop smoking using an e smoke vapor device, you could discover it at Absolute Vapors.


Ego CE4 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit


The FDA wants to close down the Sale of E Juice for Electronic Cigarettes

The Federal Drug Administration utilizes scare technique propaganda to sway popular opinion about the safety of electric cigarettes, including trying to stop deliveries of e cigarette liquid from entering into the United States. The FDA has actually been tracking adverse events ever since 2009 on electronic cigarettes and ever since the recordings began there have actually been a total amount of forty-seven adverse events reported. From the forty-seven reportable cases there have only been eight adverse events that are real reportable cases that included batteries exploding and difficulties throughout charging the batteries. The remaining cases were individuals thinking they were helping the electronic cigarette business by stating they helped them to quit smoking. If you really want some good laughs, then check out what people have written on the FDA Adverse Events page. You will find reports like one guy written that he bought an Ecig and when he went to the doctor he tested positive for marijuana, only if you are smoking marijuana in the first place, but if he is writing reports like that then he is probably doing something other than marijuana and you will get none of those substances from an E-smoke vapor device. The FDA will approve the medicine Chantix, which in its first year of release had 372 reportable known suicides and over 35,000 reportable adverse events that were either significant or fatal. The sheer number of adverse events in 2010 makes this prescription drug that the FDA supported for a stop smoking assistant as the leading dangerous drug of all reportable medicines on the marketplace. To find out more of ways to stop smoking and smokeless cigarettes, then browse through Absolute Vapors and our Electronic Cigarette Information page.

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Myths about E-Cigarettes


Electronic Cigarettes are everywhere and over the last number of years the e cig industry has made their presence recognized in the world of Tobacco cigarettes. The Huge Tobacco providers know where the future of traditional tobacco is going, which is why they have purchased E cigarette and E liquid providers and began offering their own brands. It is forecasted that in 6 to 7 years E-cigarettes will go beyond habitual tobacco cigarettes in usage and in sales. You can read all you like to know about electronic cigarettes from Publications to websites, however there is a ton of realities that are being mistaken as factual information, and I intend to unmask a few of these myths.

1. Vaping leads to tobacco cigarette smoking. Wrong, I have not smoked a cigarette in over 28 years and I am a vapor; in fact, I have all type of e-cigs and simply use them to examine the eliquids we create to ensure constant and preferable effects. I like the zing of our e-liquids; nevertheless, I do not use any nicotine which is a huge alternative with the E-cigarette that is not readily available with the tobacco cigarette. I have no need to smoke and 90% of our patrons purchase the fruit and non-tobacco cigarette eliquid flavors. New vapors constantly start with a cigarette form of e-liquid, but very quickly change to the other e liquid flavors, because they get to where they detest the tobacco cigarette taste and scent.

2. Inhaling vapor imitates breathing second hand tobacco cigarette smoke. False, vapor is not a smoke; however a fluid that is warmed up to a point of producing liquid crystals or steam (vapor). If vapor was hazardous to you, then standing by your coffee pot when it is brewing would provide you a caffeine high and I have actually never experienced a caffeine high by standing beside a coffee pot when brewing. Eliquids simply include nicotine, flavoring, and the PG and VG used is a transport for the nicotine and once the vapor is produced, then the only air borne particulate is the scent from the flavoring.

3. E cigarettes must be managed and only available through medical prescribed. That statement is inaccurate, that would run the price of e-cigs up until the point where just the privileged could manage them and they would not be easily budget friendly to the lion’s share. If you go to shop for aspirin at a retail store, then you can invest in a hundred for $3 to $4 dollars and if you are in the medical facility, they charge you $5 to $8 dollars for one. It has been a tested fact that once you include the clinical field, then the expense sky rockets. Millions of users have made use of the Electronic cigarette to give up cigarette smoking and simply envision the number of would still be cigarette smoking if they needed to go to a physician, get a prescription medication, and get the prescription filled. Now the expenditure plays an important function in quitting smoking cigarettes.

4. E-cigarettes ought to be banned to keep them from being mistreated and for the wrong function. Actually, Minors will discover a method illegally to obtain and utilize any substance they have already made their mind approximately make use of. Look at the high variety of teenager tobacco cigarette smokers and according to law you are supposed to be 18 years or older to buy tobacco cigarettes. The fact is people will discover a means to abuse any product if they want to use it for illegal use. Since Meth is made from chemical products that are easily utilized in the household, need we ban all chemicals for the possibility of being utilized wrongly … No. Most Electronic cigarette providers voluntarily require age proof before purchasing and the FDA has not administered any requirements on e cigarettes. Anything used inappropriately can be damaging for your health, however, we cannot manage or prohibit everything and eventually we have to take accountability for our own actions. For more information on E-cigs and E-liquids, then visit Absolute Vapors.

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Do you know what you are Vaping?


Original Joyetech 510 electronic cigarette starter kit

Most Vapers spend hours on the internet looking for the cheapest electronic cigarette they can purchase in which they feel will provide the best or satisfactory experience for the money. Do you know what you are vaping? The answer to that question is most vapers have no clue to what they really need to be using , what is the difference in an upper line and the cheap knockoffs and for the most part it is a trial and error type of thing that is mostly in error. There is a lot of information on products and if you read several different blogs or reviews, then all electronic cigarettes are great and if you purchase the cheap unit it will provide the same results as the high dollar units and that is a lie. The facts are e-cigarettes are just like buying a car or any electronic device such as your cell phone and one must be very prudent and do their homework diligently. Currently there are a couple of battery manufactures in the USA that produces the larger line of batteries, but 99.9 percent of electronic cigarette components come from China. China has hundreds of e-cigarette and e liquid manufactures and just like industry in the United States, there are only a few guidelines put into place to guarantee a quality product is being produced and sold. Most Chinese manufactures do very little testing on their products and will let the market itself be the testers.  I try to be non-partial and give objective analysis when presenting my opinions on products and not bash a competitor or manufacture e-cigarettes or eliquids, but feel the truth needs to be told on some issues. We recently received 3 samples of Ismoke BCC clearomizers in the mini and mega versions. Two of the mini’s we received; both threads on the bottom housing had dissolved under the influence of the eliquid within a week after receiving the units causing the e liquids to pour out. The mega unit would burn the eliquid regardless of battery used or voltage output and even though both units look like a well-built unit, they have serious issues and are not market ready. When the sales representative contacted us about being a distributor, I told her of the issues we found with their products and she acknowledged the market had informed them of their issues and that they were addressing them, no thanks. No one wants to be the Ginny pig and spend money on an item that has not been tested and proven ready for the field.  

Big Tobacco Company is in the E-cigarette market.

The economic report shows that the Electronic E Cigarettes industry will surpass the traditional cigarette industry in sales within the next 8 to 10 years. So why is big tobacco industry getting into the electronic cigarette market now? To establish themselves in the market as a front runner before the industry gets too big. Lorillard Tobacco, the 3rd largest tobacco cigarette distributor in the United States selling brands such as: Newport, Kent, True, Old Gold, Maverick, Triumph, Satan, and Max brands; just recently purchased Blu Cigs and Johnson Creek E liquids. Altria Group the owner of Phillip Morris USA just recently purchased an electronic cigarette and e liquid company making all three big cigarette manufactures in the e-cigarette business. So why is it important for the electronic cigarette industry that all of the big tobacco manufactures are now onboard with e-cigs? Because of the FDA, since big tobacco was pushing the FDA on regulations concerning best electronic cigarettes and e liquids with all of the money they had backing them, then it was possible for the FDA to swing in favor against the electronic cigarette and ban them from the market. Since most e-cigarette distributors are Mom and Pop establishments and did not have the money to fight big tobacco with the Lobbyist, then the big three was sure to win. However, with Big Tobacco purchasing the front runner Mom and Pop electronic cigarette businesses, then they are establishing themselves and securing the electronic cigarette industry as a viable industry.

 So what does this mean for the Mom and Pop Electronic Cigarette Retailer?

 If the Big Tobacco company’s push the issue with the FDA, then there will be regulations against the production and selling of eliquids in the USA. This is not all a bad thing, for it will likely eliminate most of the junk eliquids being produced by China and sold in the United States under the pretense that it is made in the USA. The FDA will require that labs be certified and they follow strict guidelines on procedures and Lot Control, which will eliminate a lot of retailers since most retailers are not capable of producing a quality e liquid under strict guidelines. Even though stricter guidelines would ensure better eliquids being produced and sold, it would drive the price up causing the little Mom and Pop establishments out of business. I think the future of e-cigarettes and e liquids are hanging in the balance and the future relies on a smart business plan to keep prices down and produce quality e liquids. Especially, since the small Mom & Pops are now competing against big tobacco companies and their billions they have obtained. For the best wholesale e liquid prices, then check us out at Absolute Vapors where all E liquids are produced in our lab using pharmaceutical grade ingredients making this the cheapest place to get American Made Premium E-Liquids


American made Blackberry E liquid from Absolute Vapors

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Evolution of E-Liquids

Cigarette smokers are a strange group of people when it comes to trying to quit smoking and one of the first questions we get from customers or potential customers, “is the e liquid unhealthy for you”? Come on, really! I know that it is prudent to be cautious and investigate new things that you are considering to consume, especially items that will be entering your body, but is e juice and electronic cigarettes healthier than cigarette smoking? The answer is a resounding yes if it has only the four ingredients that it needs without any additional chemicals added. Especially, considering that a tobacco cigarette has over 400 different ingredients including tar, smoke, cyanide, and fire retardants where e-cigarettes and e-juices usually have only four approved components. The reason I say usually has only four approved ingredients; like most suppliers, at first we bought e-liquids from China since most e juice made in the USA is expensive. But, my wife and I both use the e liquid and Electronic E Cigarettes so I started investigating the e liquids from China and found that a lot of them contain some unwanted ingredients such as: DEG – Diethylene glycol can be a contaminant in consumer products and has been indicated in numerous epidemics of poisoning since the early 20th century and is used in brake fluid and polyester resins. DEHP – which is chemically known as Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate is classified as one of the “Top 6 Chemical Threats to Humans”. DEHP is a plastic softening phthalate that is being banned by all European Nations. Phthalates are from the groups of “gender benders”, which makes desensitized PVC’s bendable and pliable and can be found in basically everything from detergents, hoses, adhesives, toys (yes, even some teething rings have DEHP in them), to even some soaps and shampoos. Nitrosamine – is a carcinogenic used in the manufacture of some cosmetics and pesticides and can be found in tobacco smoke and chewing tobacco. Personally, I want to live as long as I can so even though I do some things that may be considered unhealthy, I don’t want any unwanted chemical from entering my system and that is why I quit smoking. Click here for more information on how to quit smoking.

The E-liquids sold at Absolute Vapors


The e-liquids sold at Absolute Vapors are made in our lab and I was the Operations Manager of an International Chemical Corporation that was AS9100 certified, so I know about Quality and Lot Control. Our E liquids are made using only pure ingredients that are approved products made and sold in the USA and used in thousands of foods, medicines, and spices and we know exactly what goes in our E liquid Flavors. Our E-Liquid is organic and made under strict guidelines with Lot Control being applied to each batch of e juice to ensure the best quality in production since we personally use our e-liquid and our electronic cigarette kits, then we use only the best products.

The changes in Electronic Cigarettes


The electronic cigarette has gone through some drastic changes over the years, but recently they are changing even more. The first electric cigarette produced was the Joyetech 510 and it is very thin and small, but produces and delivers excellent performance for the money and even today is a great starter kit for the money. Then came the Joyetech Ego with its elegant lines and larger in diameter size which made it look modern with a lot of convenient features and it quickly became one of the favorites. The atomizers and polyfil tank systems have been converted into clearomizers with wicks to absorb the Premium E-liquids to the new Kanger T2 and the Ego CE5 wickless clearomizer that is easier to clean and change out the e juice flavors for the vapor who likes to change their e juice flavor out daily. Electric cigarettes change quickly, but not all changes are for the good. Batteries may aesthetically look the same, but the performance is definitely not the same for we tested three different manufactures and we could not tell the difference as far as appearance, but we had one manufacture that had 7 out of 10 batteries fail. So advancements in technology is a sign that we are striving and constantly moving forward, but not all batteries work with all clearomizers for they may be too strong and cause the clearomizer to burn the e liquid and there is nothing worse than a clearomizer or atomizer that burns the juice. I would recommend buying electronic cigarettes and e juice from reputable companies for spending money on something that you will not be happy with is a waste of time, energy, and of course money. For more information on where to buy the best in electronic cigarettes check us out at ABSolute Vapors.

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Why should you choose to Stop Smoking?

I truly have empathy for cigarette smokers and being an ex-smoker I understand how difficult it is to escape from the vise of such a terrible habit and dependency, you have to absolutely want it Bad! I quit eight months ago after thirty six years of a love hate relationship with what I described as the nasties. I hated the manner they made me smell and feel about myself, and in fact used to go and hide out of public view to smoke one. For me it was a sign of weakness, a kind of self-loathing, and a genuine problem, why in the world would certainly anybody want to do this to themselves, that was my burning question? I indicate I have numerous pals that just laid them down and became a non-smoker and never pick them up again and it was so simple for them and so I struggled with why couldn’t I do this? After trying numerous methods (IE) everything on the market, therefore, lots of failed attempts that made me want to give up for I felt like a looser and quitter, so unfortunate. A friend of mine that I had lost touch with for a couple of years called out of the blue, she smoked more than I did; well long story short she informed me about the Electronic Cigarette and how she had quit while utilizing this device, where could I buy one? As soon as I found the phone, I called Absolute Vapors, and secured my 1000 mAh Joyetech twist battery with a CE 5 clearomizer and some 18mg nicotine Raspberry E juice Flavour and within twenty-eight days and not letting my E-Cigarette from my sight I was finally smoke absolutely free! Halleluiah!

Using Nicorette as a Stop Smoking Cessation Assistant

The nicotine gum that anyone can purchase right off the rack has either 2 mg or 4 mgs of nicotine per stick of gum. Because the average cigarette contains around 18 mgs of nicotine, then the ordinary person would have to chew either 3 or 4 sticks at a time to acquire the nicotine level normally received from a cigarette, which is why the gum falls short as a true stop smoking cessation for the regular smoker. It is tough for the cigarette smoker to stop smoking cigarettes if they are not getting the nicotine quantity their body has actually come accustomed to having for years, and to break the practice of having something in their hands, or cigarette smoking at certain times when you are not getting this nicotine level your body anticipates makes it even harder. If you have never seen the list of chemicals that are put into a cigarette, then click here for more information on how to stop smoking and Electronic E Cigarettes with great e juice flavors.

Cigarette smokers try to use the nicotine patch to give up smoking.

I was enjoying TV the other night and this commercial comes on where a man has this addiction to a food and you see him wildly devouring the meal like the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, then he pulls his shirt sleeve up until to divulge patches up and down his arm that is allegedly to help with his dependency. Dependency is a tough thing to overcome and the worst is cigarette smoking and the dependence to nicotine and the various other 400 or even more chemicals and requires changes both psychologically and physically. In order to be successful in breaking free from the dependency and being devoid of the smoking vise you have to have the ability to separate the demands from the routine and exactly what the body requires. The patches can be purchased in 3 different milligram strengths permitting the user to lower the nicotine dosage, but this only addresses one part of the addiction in taking care of cigarette smoking. The various other fixations are the perception of having something in your hand and the practice of control. Patches are an out of sight from mind kind of thing and yes they do offer nicotine, however, the various other demands of stopping smoking is the part that makes you wish to purchase a pack of cigarettes and smoke while making use of the patches. If you want to break free from the practice, then get a product that attends to all issues with cigarette smoking and does not fight just the addiction to nicotine. Click right here to learn more on ways to give up smoking.

Chantix is a Medication that is prescribed commonly by non-informed Physicians

Chantix is one of the most questionable and tested dangerous drugs on the market that the FDA authorizes and promotes for a stop smoking aide in spite of the history of triggering more recognized suicides than any other medicine prescribed. Due to the recent settlement case in Alabama by a household taking legal action against the makers of Chantix over the death of their son, ABC News reports had this to say about the drug Chantix” Scientists say the U.S. Fda (FDA) ought to take warnings about the stop-smoking medicine Chantix up a notch, mentioning data revealing that the medicine enhances suicidal behavior and depression much more than various other medicines and methods designed to help cigarette smokers give up.” To check out the full story, click right here. This suggested medication has actually been out on the marketplace since 2007, and in 2009 the FDA puts out a black box warning label “Cautioning that it could possibly trigger suicidal feelings or conceivable severe depression and anxiety”. The FDA started its Adverse Events reporting system in 2009, and since the recordings began, there were 272 understood reportable committing suicides within the first year of documenting together with over 35,000 adverse events varying from extreme to deadly. Nonetheless, the FDA still approves and will not stop the sale of this stop smoking cessation assistance, but will not recommend or approve the first proven stop smoking cessation aide, the electronic cigarette and E liquids. To find out more on where to get e-cigarettes, E-liquid flavors, and ways to give up cigarette smoking, then click below.

Using the Electronic Cigarette as a Stop Smoking Deterrent

Smokeless Cigarettes came on the scene back in 2006, and in 2009 the FDA started its Adverse Events reporting system and therefore since the recordings began there have actually been 47 stated cases where just 8 have been actual adverse events. But, the FDA to date has actually not approved nor recommends the electric cigarette and e-cig juice as being a beneficial stop smoking cessation aide and regularly attempts to stop shipments of Nicotine E-Juice from becoming part of the United States. The electronic cigarette allows the individual the capacity to manage the quantity of nicotine being administered through the e juice utilized giving control over the dependency and this is why Electric Cigarettes are successful as a stop smoking cessation aide. Electronic cigarettes also provide a fixation of having something in your hand to ease the habit of physical aspiration. Nevertheless, care should be taken when purchasing an e-cigarette or e fluid, for electronic cigarettes is similar to your mobile phone, notebook, or TELEVISION. They are electronic and on the planet of electronic devices you get exactly what you pay for when it concerns quality. I would suggest purchasing exceptional quality products, for the better the e-cigarette, the better the experience and longevity you acquire for your money. For more information about electronic cigarettes and e-juices, then check us out at Absolute Vapors.


Joyetech vs. Joye, what is the distinction between the two Brands?

Joyetech 510 Starter Kit - Black

If you browse the internet on where to get e cigarettes, then you will quickly see there are a lot of different brands and makes offered. I would suggest just the premium brand names, for some business’s sell a lot of their brand, due to the fact that they have wonderful online Search Engine Optimization staffs that can put their websites in the fore front of the listings, but their brands are not effective in offering the cigarette smoker the contentment required from an e-cig to escape from smoking cigarettes. There are several leading premium brands that have a history of offering top-notch items while providing a great performance at a sensible price and the industry leader is Joyetech. Joyetech offers numerous various models to fit everyone’s demand and pricing levels for all budgets. The Joyetech 510 is the e-cig that everyone tries to mimic, since the Joye 510 offers great performance for such a little package deal at good prices, which makes it an excellent starter e-cigarette. That is why when you look at all the different brand names and kinds on the marketplace, you will see they are either referencing the 510 or the Ego, and they are both originated at Joyetech. The Electronic Cigarettes Review ranked the Joyetech as one of the very best e-cigarettes on the marketplace. Joyetech provides several various lines of Joyetech Ego-C from the Ego to the Ego-T and it relies on exactly what kind of choices and flexibility you anticipate and want to spend for, plus how much E-Liquid you want the container to hold. Together with Joyetech, there are some Custom E cigarette kits that provide unparalleled efficiency at excellent prices and you can discover all of these at Absolute Vapors. Be careful of the knockoffs, for if they are saying they are an Ego or a 510 and not calling them a Joyetech, then they’re most likely a knock off brand name.

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